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Our Show Experience began with dogs we purchased from Kanoobra.


We enjoyed the experience of showing and learning our skills with them. Unfortunately, I hadn't realised the extent of work or amount of dedication required to show ONE standard poodle in full show coat, let alone THREE and I was unable to find the time to do them justice.  


We decided to pursue showing just ONE and we chose Lilly - unfortunately she just didn't like the show ring and we retired her.  Lilly is however, proving to be a wonderful mum to our recent litter of puppies.





Kanoobra Madam Tigerlily (Lilly)

Kanoobra Madam Blondie (Blondie)

Kanoobra Msure Mr Chips (Chips)

Tilly (Lilly) Kanoobra Madam Tigerlily

Mother of Limo & Embers

Now very much loved by Helene

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