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Hi, my name is Kylie Tatti and I own and manage my own grooming salon CLIPPERS EXPERT HAIR CARE FOR DOGS, located in East Burwood.  I am also one of the Directors of Clipper world, one of the Largest Grooming suppliers In Australia and recently Director of Victorian College Of Dog Grooming. At VCDG we train students to become Groomers where I can pass on all my knowledge I have learnt in my life grooming.


I have many animals including horses and cows and and am a mother extraordinare....... and as if thats not enough....I also take part in running a very successful house relocating business.  I love to show and groom my poodles and break horses in also. We all live on 12 acres of land, as you can imagine a lot of work.


I worked at CLIPPERS EXPERT HAIR CARE FOR DOGS for eight years before I was given the opportunity to purchase the business in 1997.   I have now owned CLIPPERS EXPERT HAIR CARE FOR DOGS for 16 years. Wow!! 26 years almost of dog grooming.  How time flies!


I now have working for me two very reliable staff members which enable me time for a break to look after my two children along with my animals and enjoy our property.


I have managed to involve my mum, Diane into the wonderful world Poodles so that we can do something together that we both love.


After  success showing and handling the wonderful Chatain Letthe GamesBegin, I decided I wanted my own puppies to show and enjoy...  I can now share my passion and joy with others.


I am always willing to offer helpful advice on presentation tips and on a good day have been known to handle other people's dogs for them in the ring.

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